Wednesday, January 31, 2007

2003 Zinfandel Release

175 cases produced
Total SO2-none detected, Vinquiry-TTB Certified Laboratory

The 2003 Zinfandel hits the glass a fiery red and settles to a deep garnet. Initial nose is of big, purple baking cherries with undertones of driftwood. It is dry and very spicey from the new American oak. The spiciness is liken to a bit of clove. A wine perfectly suited to popular American taste. What rounds the wine out best is the unique terroir of the Klamath River bottom, rich with minerals imparting an almost flinty dryness to the finish.


Joel Mielke said...

Man that Zin sounds good!

Here's a heads-up for you:
Local Dollar Stores have big Burgundy glasses. Don't let your wine breath, just pour.

White wine glasses are too narrow, Alsace glasses are pretentious, Bordeaux glasses look like upside-down bell-bottoms, and the typical "red wine" glass is no more than a water goblet, but local Dollar Stores carry huge Burgundy glasses which are elegant (no ornamentation).

For a buck apiece!

Coates Vineyards said...

Thanks for the advise, we're on our way to the nearest Dollar Store, Eureka. Your advise is timely for the upcoming party! To bad that you can't find someone to watch the park for you!