Saturday, July 29, 2006

Our little Home on the Prairie

Saturday Afternoon, back from a fruit and veggie delivery, the fire is moving down further into Perch Creek. Keeping our fingers crossed for everyone. Posted by Picasa


Joel Mielke said...

We're happy to see that Orleans is keeping its poplation as well as its speed limit down

Coates Vineyards said...

Yes, in the good ol' days we used to get defoliated by helicopters spraying 24D and 245T, Agent Orange. That helped control the population but people started lookin' and thinkin'kind a funny!

Coates Vineyards said...

The fires are still burning and have turned into 65,000 acres or more. All from a small fire that wasn't attended to for the reason that there was not enough firefighters at the time. There are plenty of firefighters and helicopters now though.